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Greensboro Montessori School is also the location of our 2022 MANC Fall Conference! 

October 7th-8th, 2022



Established in 1974, Greensboro Montessori School has grown from one 3- to 6-year-old primary classroom of 12 children to more than 260 students and 60 staff and faculty on a 10-acre campus.  


Accredited by the American Montessori Society and the Southern Association of Independent Schools, GMS is Greensboro's only authentic Montessori school where toddlers to teens achieve academic excellence through hands-on, multi-disciplinary learning in a diverse school community. Students organically develop real-world skills in leadership, time management, problem solving and social responsibility through Montessori's innovative approach to education. Families choose Greensboro Montessori School because our curriculum masterfully blends academic prowess with the development of life skills necessary for a lifetime of achievement in a global society. Beginning at 18 months old, students learn how to work and play in culturally diverse, multiage classrooms. The goal of their academic learning is mastery, not preparation for the next test. Students also receive weekly lessons in extracurricular programming such as computer science, environmental education, visual arts, world music, Spanish and physical education.


With a fantastic group of faculty and staff, supportive and engaged families, a clear long-range plan, a 37-acre satellite campus, a $4.1M operating budget with a strong financial portfolio, and a strong board of trustees, Greensboro Montessori School is thriving.

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