Queen City Montessori - Charlotte, NC

We are Charlotte’s first half day Montessori Toddler program. At Queen City Montessori we believe Toddlers are special, they are learning crucial life skills that they will continue to use into adulthood, all within a two-year span. Walking. Talking. Socialization skills. Feeding themselves. Ultimately…independence. Queen City Montessori is the creation of two trained Montessorians who have worked together for the last six years as school administrators and teachers before that. Their dream is to provide a child centered, language rich, trust filled, authentic Montessori classroom filled with materials that meet the child’s natural needs/desires. The primary goal is to create a deeply rooted love of learning within each child. Parent partnership is the second most important aspect to the new QCM school. Educating parents by coming alongside them through each step of the child’s development is deeply rooted in the parent-child-teacher partnership. As two women opening a brand-new school, we are passionate and wish to build a service that serves a need for families in the Charlotte community. We appreciate this opportunity to share with you about Queen City Montessori.