“Social interest or rights or declarations cannot consider in isolation factors that are so closely related. If we continue to exclusively address adult concerns, the void which is one of the main causes of today’s social imbalances will be perpetuated.” —Maria Montessori, The Forgotten Citizen, 1951
The forgotten citizen. The voiceless. Our children. Though the youngest among us may not be granted voting rights, we as Montessori educators know that the voices of children are the most honest, the most powerful, and the purest our society has to offer.
We must amplify and protect their voices when they cannot.
The practice of separating children from their families at the U.S. border, and the treatment these children are forced to endure, is inconsistent with our Montessori values. To America’s leaders we say this: There is a better way! Exercise compassion in your work, collaborate and establish a new governance that treats these children with dignity, respect, kindness, and love—regardless of whatever immigration laws their parents may have violated.
Our cry is for the child. We do not wish to see them used as pawns. In our classrooms and in our hearts they are precious and they are a part of our shared future.
Let us all—educators, legislators, citizens, humans—stand for the child. Let us show them America—a land of hope and opportunity.
Let us show them they are valued and forgotten citizens no more!

Timothy J. Purnell, EdD
Chief Executive Officer


Now we encourage you to make your voice heard. Below is a sample letter you can send to your senators and congressperson—feel free to adjust it as you see fit. Your action can make a positive impact!


The Honorable ___________________________
United States Senate / House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20510 / 20515

RE: Regarding the Separation of Migrant Children from Their Parents

To the Honorable Senator / Representative __________________:

As your constituent, I emphatically urge you to support legislation that would make it clear that migrant children should not be taken away from their parents while the family awaits a ruling on their immigration status. All U.S. citizens must stand for the care and protection of the child, and ensure they are not forgotten.

As a Montessori educator, I believe in Dr. Maria Montessori’s statement that “Based on the affirmation of the child’s dignity, we have to ensure the child’s right and freedom to grow and develop wholesomely.” (The Forgotten Citizen, 1951)

Our current administration’s policy of family separation and child detention is detrimental to the development of these children and endangers their pursuit of positive life endeavors.

In light of recent actions we need strong policy and we need it now. You must do all you can to see to it that these children are not separated from their parents.

The time to act is now; the need is immediate. Please let me know what you are doing, and what more I can do to help.

(sign and print your name and remember to include your address)


From MPPI (Montessori Public Policy Initiative)

Re:  The National Montessori Census

FOR ALL North Carolina Montessori Schools:  

  • MPPI is encouraging all schools in North Carolina to participate in the Montessori Census, a global database of both private and public Montessori schools. Coordinated by the National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS), participation in the Census supports research and advocacy efforts for Montessori across the global education landscape. Additionally, the census will showcase our strength in numbers by encompassing how many children all Montessori programs serve!

So please register your school and encourage other schools to participate: spread the word through your listserv, your Facebook page, through newsletters and announcements. School leaders: follow the instructions below. If you would like more information about how to update your school's census profile, look here! You can check your school's listing by visiting the Census at and searching for your school name. *  

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