January 26th, 2019 - SEMC Winter Forum

  MONTESSORI BRAINSTORMING TOUR   Presented by   Dr. Stephen Hughes and Dr. Laura Flores Shaw   Thursday, September 27, 2018 7:00pm   Queens University Sports Complex and Conference Center   2229 Tyvola Road - Charlotte, NC - 28210   Tickets available on EventBrite For nearly twenty years, education policymakers around the world have been “reforming” education systems by focusing on a single outcome: Student performance on high-stakes academic tests. Yet, school testing relies on a shockingly narrow range of mental abilities, forcing schools to focus on testing content and “thinking” about that content. This single-minded pursuit of higher test scores ignores decades of neuroscience research demonstrating that movement is entangled with and even precedes the development of cognition. As these researchers point out, we are actually born to move, not born to think. To help children develop the wide range of human capabilities necessary for a successful and happy life in a rapidly changing society and economy, schools cannot solely focus on “thinking” about content. Instead, schools need a different educational framework—one that is embodied and based on how the brain actually develops. The Brainstorming Tour presents such a framework and the research that indirectly supports it.   Brainstorming Tour Flyer